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For weeks now we have been focusing on making Mondays better for ourselves, but this week I want us to spread that happiness to others. Over the last 10 weeks we have gained skills to help overcome negativity surrounding Mondays, and now I want us to start to spread that energy on to others.

The best thing is helping others makes us feel really good, so making this our mission to do good in the world will make them feel good and in return make us feel great too and the cycle goes on.


I am hoping most of you have seen the movie ‘Pay It Forward”, and if you haven’t you need to make it your mission this week to watch it. Seriously, my emails are nothing compared to how life changing that movie is.

In the movie an amazing idea is displayed, do 3 random acts of kindness to 3 strangers, than ask them to “pay it forward” and do the same thing. From there kindness spreads through the whole world, this sounds exactly like the kind of energy the world needs right now.





Obviously this email didn’t go out on Monday, if you have been following along on our IG Stories you will know that we went away this weekend for a friends wedding. Unfortunately on the plane, a water bottle decided to kill my laptop…

There were quite a few things that went wrong with this trip; wallets lost, delayed flights, damaged computers, etc… BUT we have to move forward. Life is too short to get caught up in things we can’t control. Even though this email is a day late, I still really wanted to send it out! For me, good is better than nothing, and I got to share our story with you.

Monday Mantra

I am focused on what I can do today, to create a better tomorrow



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photos by @hemicey

Do Monday’s Make You Smile Yet?

HAPPY MONDAY, I really mean it happy Monday. Our goal with doing these emails was to change the stigma most people have around Mondays. Each week I pick a little theme for us to explore to start our week off in a fun, up-beat and some times thoughtful way!

Today’s theme: HAPPINESS


I like to write these emails late Sunday nights, I want to make sure they are written as close to Monday as possible to make sure I am challenging the right energy to share with you. 

Todays theme spark after binging youtube and “Funniest Moments on Family Feud” episodes, I don’t own a tv or have cable so I don’t usually watch stuff like this but it appeared somewhere in my feed and caught my attention. Every video was so funny, my tummy hurt and tears ran down my face. It was a moment of pure joy and happiness and made me feel SO GOOD!!! 

It made me think about how just a moment of laughter can uplift your energy for the whole day. So I wanted to find a way to bring you happiness into todays email.

Monday Mantra

“I give myself permission to laugh”

You create your own happiness.

I saw the above image a few weeks ago, I saved it to share with people who felt unsatisfied with the work they do. I thought about how many times this security guard has worked her, how many times he walked across the park, bored and unmotivated until he came up with this idea. 

Proof of how a simple idea can change your entire perspective.

My challenge this week for those that want to try it is to find a way to make what you do everyday mean something to someone else. Our jobs became something so much more special when it leaves a positive impact. If you need help you can always reach out to me! xo 

Monday Good Vibe Quote

“I love people who make me laugh. I honestly think it’s the thing I like most, to laugh. It cures a multitude of ills. It’s probably the most important thing in a person.” 

― Audrey Hepburn


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photos by @hemicey

{Mindset Shift Mondays} 

Since starting these emails I have started to wonder why most people have a negative opinion of Mondays. Where did the idea of Mondays being a bad thing come from? If we didn’t have a iPhone in our hands to tell us what day Monday was, it would just be another day of the week. So why do you walk into the beginning of the week dreading it? 

I think it just has to do with our mindset, we have been trained to believe Mondays are negative but training our brain to embrace the possibilities of Monday’s could help sky rocket our lifestyle. Lets take a look at things was can do to shift our mindset. 

Monday Good Vibe Quote

“You can change who you are by changing what goes into your mind”


Zig Ziglar


Monday = Sunday!

Here’s a fun idea, what if Monday’s weren’t Monday’s? Pick your favourite day and think about what makes it so great. Lets add a dose your favourite day to your Monday. 

If you like weekends, try going to a happy hour, meet a friend for lunch, have game night, go on a date or go to a fun event like a movie or festival. I think we have programmed our mindset to think Mondays have to be like Monday’s. Adding your favourite day activities to your Monday is a great way to switch the mindset we have for Monday’s.

Our Hydration Goal

With summer around the corner it is more important to ensure our bodies are hydrated. Our goal this week is to make sure we are keeping our bodies hydrated. 

Keep a glass of water near your workstation and keep and drink throughout the day. If you wanna shake up your water try adding frozen fruit, cucumbers or lemons to your water. Your brain will operate more smoothly and you’ll feel better overall moving Monday up on the awesome scale.

Monday Mantra

Everything I need is within me

Good Vibes Playlist

Music has alwsy fed my soul, here is my good vibes playlist to add a little bit of upbeat energy to you day! xo

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EDITION 05 | 3:39 read time

photos by @hemicey

Carefree Lifestyle vs. Schedule Self Care

This weekend I had a huge epiphany, for three years I have been embracing a carefree lifestyle with the belief that living without structure or a schedule meant I had a carefree life. But this weekend, as I was walking up and down the isles of a grocery store without a list or idea of what I needed I realized how much time I was wasting. Than the idea hit me, if I want more time for myself, more time to relax and practice self care I needed to stop wasting my time during daily activities. 

Its essential that we show ourselves respect with how we use our time, the idea of a routine/schedule means we are utilizing our time to manifest the things we want in our daily life. Simply put, use your time better to have more time for yourself. 

The Power of the Routine

I spent the weekend adapting my schedule and found I got way more done than expected, which meant I got to enjoy some time on Sunday soaking in the sun. So, the routine life converted me pretty quickly, I am excited to try the routine all week and I would love for you to join. 

I think a routine can be a key to a successful Monday, by having a routine for your week allows your brain and body to work in harmony. Both understand what is needed and you end up working towards your goals by getting more done. 

  • Accomplish more. When you have a routine, a list of tasks to be done, you already have a plan made, you already know how to do it and you also know how you will feel when you finish it. So, once of start you want to finish it. 
  • Less stress. When you take the time to schedule your day your brain and body begin to work in harmony. It already knows what to do, how and what to expect. No surprises, no stress, just follow the plan. Your brain likes routines, it´s easy. So, routines means a peaceful mind
  • More time for Self Care. With the addition of a schedule you will find you end up with a lot more time within a 24 hour day. As you accomplish more, you can invest your extra time how you want. 

Monday Good Vibe Quote

It’s not what we do once in a while that shapes our lives, but what we do CONSISTENTLY.”


Tony Robbins


Monday Mornings

Since this is our Monday Morning emails lets focus on Monday Mornings – pay attention today about what you do, what do you need to do every morning and what would you like to do more? How can we develop a schedule to meet your needs?

The goal today is to create a morning routine to practice for the rest of the week. My goals this week is to drink more water in the morning, not touch my phone for the first hour, have a moment of silence and get some sunlight! What do you want your mornings to look like. 

My tip: Try and make every morning the same, it will make it easier to make it a habit!

Monday Mantra


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EDITION 04 | 4:02 read time

photos by @hemicey

An abundance of Self Worth!

Lets have some fun this morning and break down some walls that may still be up in our life. Scream to the stars “I AM WORTHY”, can you feel that energy? That spark inside your soul.. even if you are still in bed just thinking of screaming it out loud gives you a little rush!  “I AM WORTHY”, oh yeah. It feels good to say because it is so true! The truth is easy to say, we know its not a lie… we are are worthy!

Starve the Doubt!

photos by @hemicey

I came across this amazing quote the other day, “STARVE THE DOUBT”, doubt is the ONLY thing that stops us from seeing our own value. Some of us are so filled with doubt they we are unable to even believe in ourselves enough to become happy. We let fear control our lives by feeding into the doubt. When you feed the doubt you allow it to become true,  I want us to STARVE any trace of doubt in our life.  

When you stop feeding into fear, that energy goes into ourselves! We can feed our dreams and focus on how to make them real! We can see the VALUE in ourselves and believe in our own abilities to achieve our own goals! 

Monday Good Vibe Quote

“It’s not who you are that holds you back, it’s who you think you’re not.”


-Hanoch McCarty


Rise and Shine

Lets wake up this morning ready to manifest our biggest dreams into this world! Take a moment and think about your biggest dreams, what is it that you want to experience? Now lets figure out how to make it happen, actually happen! How soon could you make this dream come true? a year? 6 months? a week? 

I want your biggest dreams to come true and then for you to manifest new dreams afterwards. What actions can we take today to make them real? If you need help figuring out how to make your dreams happen, reply to this email, I would be more than happy to help! 

photos by @hemicey

Monday Mantra

“I am worthy of good things”

It is ok to want the best for myself and to pursue the things that bring me joy and happiness.


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Earth day is a really good day.

One day a year we are reminded to embrace Mother Nature, plant a tree or do a community garbage clean-up! But I believe Earth day can spark a lifestyle change that continues into everyday life. Since starting Crystal Bar I have learned to adapt an entirely new lifestyle, I have become more conscious in my everyday life. I have develop my own mantra, “Everything With Intention” – with today being Earth Day I wanted to take a moment to share with you the ways I like to add intention into my life.

Before we start I want to take a moment to define what Living with Intention means:

Living with Intention: describe as living with conscious awareness. To live awake, to make thoughtful choices, and be free from the coercion of any trend or movement that prescribes certain behaviours.

This isn’t about being a minimalist, its about evaluating our own personal quality of life and choosing to live with intention.

Inspired by Earth day I wanted to write a blog that offered you the tools to become more aware as a consumer, these are the ways I make decisions on what products I want to invest into. Below I have listed them below, take a read and see if any of these ideas are something that you could adapt into your own life.

Read the Label – One of my best friends told me if you can’t understand the ingredients it probably isn’t good for you. But I am not here to restrain you, living with intention does not mean you need to follow guidelines. The goal is simply to understand what you are consuming and make your decision once you know.

Research the Brand – The same idea goes here too, just simply do the research. Unfortunately in todays world branding can hide even the worst brands. I have recently discovered one of my favourite brands, a giant source of the foods I consume has horrible business standards. Destroying the planet and the livelihood of small famers, (i’m not here to bash other businesses so if you want to learn more about this brand please reach out personally)

Adding Value – The items within our life can mean a lot to us or be of little value; my next step is about adding value to your life. Again, the idea isn’t to restrain you from anything. We all have our own personal needs, so ask yourself does this add value to your life, even as simple as you enjoy having it around is enough of a reason to keep it in your life.

Think Ahead – My last tip is to think ahead, if you know you are going to the store and have a reusable bag or if you will be walking around a lot bring your reusable water bottle with you. The idea of thinking ahead is to help us make decisions that are more mindful as we move forward in our life. Making smaller impacts while we can.

These ideas have impacted my life in a large way – I believe these small changes have grown my belief that big impacts can often start with a small change. This isn’t suppose to be a movement or a trend, it is simply you taking control of your life. Living with Intention should naturally improve your quality of life and the planet! If you try any of these tips please leave a comment and let us know how it changed you life.

Wild Harvest Botanical – Makers Supporting Makers

Our next spotlight is from our hometown of Calgary, Ab, I think I might have a little soft spot from anything made in YYC because that town is just filled with magical people. This ceramic incense holder is from Wild Harvest Botanical and is simple yet stunning. Carmen Zvonik creates each piece herself, and her intention with each creation is to enrich more nature and self-healing into your everyday space.

I personally do not think there is enough appreciation in this world for simplicity, I find my happiness increases significantly when I can be in a minimalist space design with human interaction in mind. I refer to “The Human Element” a lot in my day to day life, and what it means is designing or creating with the understanding of how people will interact with it. Its really easy to design something beautiful, but designing something beautiful and works in your daily life is hard.

What I love about Wild Harvest Botanical is you can have an almost empty room but add her creations and quickly enhance the space. Whether the incense holder has incense burning or the piece is always beautiful. This is something that I always look for when adding items to my space.

Her shop features a collection of things that add a sense of peace, nature and healing to your space including incense holders, essential oils, jewelry holders and palo santo packs! Almost anything from this creator is bound to enhance your space, take a moment out of your day and check out her amazing shop.

The BEST toothpaste you will EVER use.

The BEST toothpaste you will EVER use is quite a statement, and but for Nelsons Naturals, I honestly have to agree. I came across Nelsons Naturals at Market Collective during a Christmas market in 2016, and being obsessed with oral health care, I had to give them a try.

I will say this without holding back, Nelsons Naturals has the best toothpaste I have ever tried. My teeth feel ultra clean when I use their toothpaste and they have definitely gotten whiter since the addition of their activated charcoal toothpaste.

This brand has absolutely perfected their natural product; not only does it excel compared to other products but I’m confident this could be the best toothpaste to ever hit the market.

They have a huge selection of flavors including Fennel, Cinnamon, Spearmint, and Activated Charcoal. They also have a Strawberry/Banana flavor which I haven’t tried yet but just placed an order while writing this so come back for my option 🙂

Nelson Naturals Re-mineralizing toothpaste combines powerful and effective ingredients to create a product that is not only as good but better than chemical based toothpastes. I promise you will not be disappointed.

On a personal note, it can seem like these little jars are rather expensive compared to the giant tubs of toothpaste at the local store, but 100% these jars are worth every penny and these jars also last a very long time. We got 3 jars for Christmas and between my boyfriend and I brushing at least twice a day, they lasted a full 3 months!  A little goes a very long way. You definitely get every penny out of these jars, plus you are investing in a product that is better for you and the environment as well.

You can shop their entire selection online here: https://nelsonnaturals.com/collections/all

Water – Pure is not always better.


With this day we honor the incredibly importance water has in our health and everyday life. Immensely important. It’s absolutely vital in order for our cells to thrive. Writing this article really opened my eyes to how to properly hydrate your body. Not sure how many of you can relate but I am often very dehydrated, super chapped lips, little bit of face acne and I carry some extra weight. So I do what everyone suggest and “drink more water” – but this was never resulted in my body turning into a magic hydrated fountain!

So the question is why?

The answer is actually very simple – I only drink pure filtered water and I learned that sometimes the body doesn’t exactly know how to handle the pure water. The water enters our bodies and go right back out, 10+ bathrooms trips a day sound familiar to anyone? But our cells are missing our on the hydration it needs.

The solution? Add a pinch of pink Himalayan salt into every glass of water before drinking it. When water has a bit of Himalayan salt in it, the body senses the minerals it contains and it absorbs them – along with the water – right into its cells. Allowing the water to be fully absorbed into the body. So if you been struggling to feel hydrated after drinking water try adding a pinch of pink salt and see if it makes a difference.

Below are some other ways to consume water and make it fun!

  • Detox water
    Adding fruits and vegetables (such as cucumbers, lemons, oranges, strawberries, mint) in your water doesn’t only make your drink tastier, but also aids in flushing out toxins.
  • Coconut Water
    Not only does this beverage hydrate you, but it also contains tons of antioxidants, amino acids, enzymes, Vitamins and minerals. This low calorie drink is a great alternative to ordinary water.
  • Tea 
    There are endless options of teas you can buy at any grocery store. Teas are a great way to add some taste in your water, while many have their own beneficial properties. Green tea as an example will help speed up your metabolism, while chamomile will help you sleep better.
  • Pure Filter Water
    When it comes to drinking water nothing beats a pure glass of water. Adding fun things to your water is great but do your body a favor and add at least 1 pure glass of water to your every day routine.

If you want to learn more about what you can do to live with more intention about your water consuming take a look at “How to Conserve Every Drop”.

International Water Day – How to conserve every drop.

With today being International Water Day I wanted to help outline a few easy ways to help conserve more water. I recently watched a new documentary on Netflix called “Water and Power – a California heist” and it was very eye opening on the source of the California drought. Although its not a headline right now it does not mean water conservation isn’t important. 

Living with intention means being aware of global events and basing your life choices around what you believe to be morally right. So I highly suggest watching this documentary when you get the chance, as for now I wanna focus on ways you can make small changes to save more water daily.


1: Turn off the water while brushing your teeth/washing your hands

I do both of these; and it can save gallons of water – daily! First, put some toothpaste on your toothbrush, wet it a bit, and then turn off the water, and brush your teeth normally! For washing your hands – wet your hands first, turn off the faucet, rub your hands with soap (or squirt your hands with soap), rub them together, turn on the water, and wash the soap off! Why bother to keep the water running?

2: Shower instead of bathe

Taking a bath can use up a lot of water vs. a normal shower. I personally never take baths, because I find it gross bathing around in my own germs. Don’t forget to try to take showers for 15 minutes or less.

3: Reusing water for your plants

Instead of getting fresh water from the tap for your plants, you can do things like installing a rain barrel, saving cold shower water (when waiting for warm water, take a container and put it under the faucet), reusing your pasta cooking water (follow these simple steps, #6) , and many other things.

4: Fix leaks

The leak can be anywhere – but the toilet and faucet are two of the popular places where a lot of water is wasted. Consider getting a toilet that uses less water, and calling a plumber, or fixing it yourself.

5: Share this post

Now a days it seems like the best way to make a big impact is to get your friends involved. Sharing this post encourages awareness on International Water Day and how to conserve water. Start the conversation with your friends and family about how you can implement a change to save more water in your daily life. Comment down below other ways YOU conserve water.