I’ve had this tool for a while now and I felt this week would be a great week to share it with all of you! When I first saw this Amethyst Gem Face Roller I was ecstatic, before this I had only seen Jade Rollers but something about using a stone directly connected to the Third Eye and Crown chakra seemed so much better! 

This specific Amethyst Roller was made by “Gemstone Yoni“, they actually have a wide product line that includes a ton of self care tools and feminine pleasure wands. The amethyst face roller was what I has really drawn too, I have always enjoyed using a face roller. My favourite way to use my face roller is too keep it in the fridge, whenever I am feeling stressed the cooled crystal really relives the stress in my face. 

Although, this is not the only way to use your face roller but first I wanted to share the benefits of using a Amethyst Face Roller. It helps contour the facial muscles while reducing fine lines and wrinkles, toning and improving elasticity, too. It works to reduce puffiness around the eyes, soothe the nervous system, absorb negative energy, and boost luminosity of the skin.

To be used on a regular basis, it can mimic a workout for the face and the roller can help re-define the angles to the face. The Amethyst Crystal Face Roller can be a great edition to your morning and evening beauty rituals. Living in California nothing feels better after a long hot day than coming home and cooling my face with this gem. What I also love the most about this roller is the duel head, the large head is great for covering more skin and the little head can be used for tighter corners around the eyes, nose and month. 

Benefits That May Result From Usage:
  • Maintains healthy blood circulation and skin tone
  • Boosts natural collagen
  • Can reduce puffiness and wrinkles
  • Helps to Improve elasticity of the skin
  • Promotes lymphatic drainage
  • Reduces puffiness and wrinkles
  • Reduces dark under-eye circles
  • Can eliminate toxins and tighten pores

There’s no right or wrong area of the face to start, but do make sure you’re rolling from the center, out. I also like to visually split my face in half using my nose as the divider and work on one side at a time to make sure I’m not missing anything. Sometimes I like to open my mouth and add a little more pressure around my jaw to help relive the tension. For your enjoyment I have made a quick little video of me using the face roller, my glasses often get in the way of my self care rituals.



 If you are interested in getting your own crystal face roller make sure to check out Gemstone Yoni !!!

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