If you haven’t seen these candles yet you are in for a real treat, these creations are the ultimate ritual candle for your alter! Each candle is crafted with pure magic, and like us made with pure intention. The second I saw these candle I could feel their pure magic and knew I wanted to add this energy to my moon rituals. Each candle is infused with herbs, flowers and essential oils with an embedded healing gem. These candles are crafted for rituals, spell working and manifesting energy.What I love about these candles is the glass can be used for writing your own goals and dreams, you may have seen ritual candles before covered in hand writings before.. the idea is to use the glass container to write your own goals to have them manifesting in your space. As the candle burns you are releasing the vibes from the crystal, the infused herbs and essential oils…. we specifically got the New Moon candle to add the fire element during our New Moon rituals.
This candle is infused with charcoal and flowers, and has a black moonstone embedded inside. On of my favourite things is to enhance my space with the intentions I want to manifest. The Full/New Moons are my favourite time to refocus my energy and reflect on pass experiences. I love working with the 4 elements in my alters so candles are essential to my practice. I love discovering new vegan candles and I love the Magic Hour not only creates ethnically but also with pure intentions… these are the elements I love bringing into my space.

Brandie Taylor is a self taught candle maker and uses her gut to manifest her creations, I love how she describe how her creations came to be. Simply walking into her space and feeling the presence of a fairy that encouraged her to add hot pink pigment to the tops of her candles. I also love how she uses her instagram to promote magic and teach her following about the journey of Magic Hour and how her creations come to be. Below is a segment from one of her IG post;

“If you can smell a fragranced candle in the room whether it’s burning or not, its affecting the air quality by releasing chemicals into the air, which goes into your lungs. In making Magic Hour candles, I wanted to use the most gentle scent possible, if at all. I use the smallest bit of mostly organic essential oils, which gives them a tiny scent. I like to think of them as ‘almost’ unscented. Essential oils have great energetic properties as embodied plant medicine. I like to think of the oil as enhancing the wax with it’s soft magic. And I’ll take soft magic over powerful scent anytime.”

If you are looking for vegan, made with intention, ritual candles look no further than Magic Hour. View: Magic Hour HERE

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