Despite all of the beautiful images on tumblr Aprils Full Moon will not be a magical pink hue like we all want, the pink moon is named after the blossoming of pink flowers that bloom during this time of year. The April Full Moon is one of the most magical of the year, and is falls under the Scorpio sign, this full moon is always deeply transformative and is one of the best times for letting go and cleansing away things that no longer serve you.

Full Moons have always been a time to highlight issues that are there just not yet dealt with, around the time of a new moon you may feel that energy start to rise to the surface of unresolved issues. This Full Moon in Scorpio has the potential to move and shift to where it is needed, it also has the energy of unconditional love. Take time to mediate and picture everything you need in order grow and flourish, this Full Moon is a very personal one so take that time for yourself.

With this Full Moon it is always very important to protect your self from negative energy, this Full moon brings a big shift in our lives, you may feel the need to retreat inwards and protect your energy from the outside world. Keep in mind we are still in Taurus season so that grounding energy will also be present, this Full moon will give you the space to discover who you really are, and what you have come on this Earth to achieve.

You may often hear me saying how “growth and transformation” are always big factors in my life, and that is because I embrace these waves and welcome change and growth into my life. The Universe is hear to guide us and give us signs, use these full moons to open yourself to receiving these messages. Leave your comfort zone and welcome the energy of the universe into your life.

This is your time to planet seeds for yourself to grow and flourish, nurture your soul, and experience the benefits of investing into yourself and your own needs. Thank mother moon for giving you this space to practice and offering you the opportunity for growth!

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