Earth day is a really good day.

One day a year we are reminded to embrace Mother Nature, plant a tree or do a community garbage clean-up! But I believe Earth day can spark a lifestyle change that continues into everyday life. Since starting Crystal Bar I have learned to adapt an entirely new lifestyle, I have become more conscious in my everyday life. I have develop my own mantra, “Everything With Intention” – with today being Earth Day I wanted to take a moment to share with you the ways I like to add intention into my life.

Before we start I want to take a moment to define what Living with Intention means:

Living with Intention: describe as living with conscious awareness. To live awake, to make thoughtful choices, and be free from the coercion of any trend or movement that prescribes certain behaviours.

This isn’t about being a minimalist, its about evaluating our own personal quality of life and choosing to live with intention.

Inspired by Earth day I wanted to write a blog that offered you the tools to become more aware as a consumer, these are the ways I make decisions on what products I want to invest into. Below I have listed them below, take a read and see if any of these ideas are something that you could adapt into your own life.

Read the Label – One of my best friends told me if you can’t understand the ingredients it probably isn’t good for you. But I am not here to restrain you, living with intention does not mean you need to follow guidelines. The goal is simply to understand what you are consuming and make your decision once you know.

Research the Brand – The same idea goes here too, just simply do the research. Unfortunately in todays world branding can hide even the worst brands. I have recently discovered one of my favourite brands, a giant source of the foods I consume has horrible business standards. Destroying the planet and the livelihood of small famers, (i’m not here to bash other businesses so if you want to learn more about this brand please reach out personally)

Adding Value – The items within our life can mean a lot to us or be of little value; my next step is about adding value to your life. Again, the idea isn’t to restrain you from anything. We all have our own personal needs, so ask yourself does this add value to your life, even as simple as you enjoy having it around is enough of a reason to keep it in your life.

Think Ahead – My last tip is to think ahead, if you know you are going to the store and have a reusable bag or if you will be walking around a lot bring your reusable water bottle with you. The idea of thinking ahead is to help us make decisions that are more mindful as we move forward in our life. Making smaller impacts while we can.

These ideas have impacted my life in a large way – I believe these small changes have grown my belief that big impacts can often start with a small change. This isn’t suppose to be a movement or a trend, it is simply you taking control of your life. Living with Intention should naturally improve your quality of life and the planet! If you try any of these tips please leave a comment and let us know how it changed you life.

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