Our next feature is on an incredible maker Alicia Siebert, the beauty and brain behind Arabella Candles. I came across her shop while crystal hunting on IG, but instead of finding crystals I found crystals inside CANDLES!!!!!

Now I think its pretty safe to say that crystals inside things are a pretty big hit around here! Than after scrolling her IG @arabellacrystalsguess what happened, our crystal soaps appeared! Not only was this magical shop creating beautiful vegan crystal candles but she is also apart of our tribe! I knew right than we had to connect and learn more about this makers and her business.

First, I did want to take a moment to share how impressed I am with Alicia. Arabella Crystals started with she was only 17! Her small business has grown over the years, she has been featured in plenty of articles and retails across 10 different locations around the US. The best part is this small business is home base, Alicia gets help from her mom and two younger brothers when needed. I connect so deeply with Alicia and her business, I know just how important family is when growing and that support team is everything!

As soon as I got my candles I could tell how much love went into each creations, each candle smelt so good and the pairing of the scents worked so well together. Plus each candle has a embedded crystal inside! I love the idea of filling our space with an endless flame of crystal energy, our space has a new vibe with the addition of these beautiful, vegan and hand poured candles!

I have been currently indulging in the Throat Chakra candle, we have been lighting the candle all day every day for the last week and I am only half way through the candle! The burn time on these candles are so much longer than expected, I have always loved soy wax for my candles and you can tell that the wax used in these candles are really good!

I love the idea of filling our space with an endless flame of crystal energy
I am beyond impressed with this maker and her candles, you can explore her entire collection on her website including her zodiac, chakra and even raw crystals!!! Discover a candle for yourself to enhance your rituals and connect to your intuition.


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