Valley of Light – Zodiac Collection

It’s time for our newest Zodiac Bar to be launched into the world, and with this bar we have come full cycle with this earth element! Introducing “Valley of Light”!! Representing our Taurus bar, the arrival of this bar couldn’t be more perfect. Mercury Retrograde ends right as this sign begins, and I think we all need the beaming light of the Taurus energy in our life!

Taurus is one of the three zodiac signs grouped under the earth element. When researching the earth sign, all the articles say the same thing; “Stubborn”, but I strongly believe that a word with a hint of negativity is never the right way to describe someone. My mission with this soap was to uncover the truth behind this misunderstood sign and I uncovered exactly what I was hoping to find.

Taurus is the builder of the zodiac – This can be seen in the building of their own self worth, and developing their own talents and abilities. They define their value based on what they can physically manifest into this world. This can be seen in their combination of creative potential and grounding ability to bring physical form to art. Producing something of lasting beauty and value is a goal which Taurus constantly strives to achieve.

“You have been assigned this mountain to show others it can be moved. “

Perhaps no other sign is more loyal and dependable than Taurus. This energy of grounding and loyalty is what makes Emerald such a perfect match, and is already the birthstone for May. Due to it’s connection to the heart chakra, Emerald is known as the “Stone of Successful Love”. Emerald opens and nurtures the heart and the Heart Chakra. Its soothing energy provides healing to all levels of the being, as well as bringing freshness and vitality to the spirit. A stone of inspiration and infinite patience, it embodies unity, compassion and unconditional love.

This stone enhances the nurturing and loyal energy of the Taurus, this earth sign embodies Mother Earth and her loving and supportive nature. Enhance your heart and mind this month and indulge into the spirit of Taurus with our “Valley of Light” bar available for the Taurus season.

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