Rising from the Ashes – Zodiac Collection

Our newest Zodiac Bar “Phoenix Rising” arrives today and represents the fiery Aries soul. March has been such a crazy month with the Spring Equinox, Mercury Retrograde and now entering the fire sign Aries. Our theme for this month has been Rebirth, Rebalance and Rebuild, this idea sparked when we sat down and discuss what we wanted to capture for the Aries bar.

Aries is the first sign in the Zodiac Calendar and with that comes the opportunity for new beginnings and fresh starts. The fire aspect of this sign gives us the fuel needed to move on from our past experiences and chase our new goals and dreams. Phoenix Rising was born out of this idea, that through the fire and the ashes, the opportunity for rebirth exist.

“Rising from the ashes to burn brighter”

Embedded inside the body of this bar is the crystal “Apache Tears” known as the “The Holy Stone”. Apache Tears is best known for it’s ability to help one overcome depression. It’s vibration is soft and gentle to allow one to come to a state of self-realization. The energy within it grounds and protects, which aids its already powerful healing abilities.

The legend of the Apache Tears is one of my favourite stones for a crystal and if you want to read more about the legend read “The sad legend behind Apache Tears”. I felt really connect to this stone for Aries, their confident, passionate and courageous personality embodies the beauty of Apache Tears. It takes a certain soul to push through hard times in life and come out of it as a stronger person. Phoneix Rising is dedicated to all the Aries souls, getting ready to rebirth and rise during this month.

Indulged in your Zodiac bar “Phoenix Rising” on our site now, these bars will be available until Taurus comes around in April.

One thought on “Rising from the Ashes – Zodiac Collection

  1. drebe73 says:

    Really excited to be continuing our collection of the Zodiac series. Phoenix Rising is absolutly beautiful. We were lucky to find the perfect long wooden bowl to display these beautiful creations. It looks to be the perfect size for the whole Zodiac collection. Here’s hoping that we dont miss out on any. So excited to display them all. Thank you Kat!

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