La Lune Rose – All Seeing Eye Ring Dish.

I am beyond excited to share with you a little gem of a shop I found; let me introduce you to La Lune Rose. I was on the hunt for something super simple and bohemian for all of these little rings and crystals that always seem to be around. I came across this beautiful piece and fell instantly in love. Before I get into details about the beautiful soul behind these creations, I really wanna talk about the dish.

The unboxing was one of my favourite experiences so far. Kendra puts her magic touch on everything! First I got the cutest handwritten note with little moon phases painted on. (my favourite) The tissue paper was splattered with little specs of gold, and to top it off, the littlest leaf stems were wrapped around.. overall this unboxing gets a 11/10.

Now to the magical ring dish hidden inside.

First, I was extremely shocked by the material used, I assumed it was a ceramic dish but it turned out to be something completely different. It feels like a light weight form of ceramic, but in a good way… the best way to describe it is “It looks expensive but its practical for klutzy people like me that break everything”.  After looking up the piece again, Kendra states that she uses a flexible clay. Its really nice and satisfying. If you are like me and get nervous holding things that can break, this is for you, It’s a little dish that wants to be loved!

Now on to the beautiful soul Kendra. Going through her IG (@lalunerose), you can tell this woman is a bohemian goddess. Her posts are filled with records, polaroid cameras, and her cat! It makes me want to curl up with a hot cup of tea and lay in bed all day reading poetry.  Her creations are definitely an extension of her soul. If you are looking to bring a little dose of handmade bohemian vibes into your space, this is the perfect shop. I honestly do not think you could go wrong with anything.

PS. If you live in the sunny states of SoCal or Arizona, I think you might really enjoy this adorable cactus ring holder. (click here). Could this be the new essential for every house?

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