WTF? IS Tarot? …& How do I do it?

From the words of the Goddess and Author of “WTF? IS Tarot? …& How do I do it?” Bakara Wintner (@bakaraw) this book is a young bloods, No-Nonsense Approach to the Ancient Art of Cartomancy! Its also a must read for witches, goddesses everywhere and here is why.


This book is written with the intention to relatenot educate. That kinda sounds bad, it does teach you so much. It makes every concept relatable to your everyday life which is why I say it doesn’t teach, because you already understand the concepts. In Tarot, the cards all represent certain aspects of life, each card is a reflection of your life. What Bakara does so perfectly is translates mid-15th century ideas into our modern day lives.

Tarot has been something I have been putting off learning for a really long time… there was something very intimating about understand the cards and the spreads used.

One day one of our girls brought in her deck to the studio, PS. this is why we love the ladies we work with. Everyday is Magic! So of course we had to play around, she told me to pull a few cards and just before doing so I remember this book. I grabbed it, pulled a few cards and we looked them up. I flipped through this book a few times but never really understood until the cards were laid out in front of me. Anyways, this book was hilarious. I loved listening to the girls explain the cards while I turned to the right page, after they finished explaining I would read the excerpt written by Bakara and they would burst out laughing.

It was such an amazing experience watching someone hear these cards explained in such a modern, relatable and often hilarious ways.. without given much away she refers to cards like “The Girl Gang – Three of Cups”, “The Fuck-Boy – Son of Wands ” and even quoting Drake “Started from the bottom, now we’re here – Son of Pentacles “. For the rest of the cards we did this same routine and had an amazing experience using the typical way these cards are explained than adding what felt like a close badass girlfriends voice to the reading.

As a first real introduction into Tarot I couldn’t have asked for a better experience. The book also offers insight into Bakaras personal life. With each description of the card she added personal experiences which I left to read on my own, but her descriptions make you fall in love with her honest, witty, and magical voice and I know I will be picking this book up often and diving deeper and deeper into her mind, and more importantly into myself.

Most books, you buy, read a bit, and abandon…. I think the fact that this book is picked up so often by all the ladies at the studio speaks more to the writing of this book than anything else. If you are a witch or a goddess WTF? IS Tarot? …& How do I do it? will not be a mistake you add to your library. Do yourself a favour a pick this book up.

Shop in person at her store Everyday Magic (PS she also carries our soaps) or order it only HERE.

WTF is Tarot?: …& How Do I Do It?

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