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Our first spotlight is on a very magical business called “Zenned Out” and is run by Cassie Uhl. This was one of the first products I came across that inspired this series! As one maker to another, I believe I have a heightened sense for passion behind a product. There is no question that you cannot feel a love from a product when it is made with intention.

What I truly love about each piece is that they are made my hand. Handmade products take a little bit longer to make, and I believe when you are committing that extra time to create more, thought and intention plays a huge role in the final product. Zenned Out jewelry was created to remind the wearer of how divinely inspired you truly are. Each piece has a inspiration saying or spiritual symbols, and I was personally drawn to the moon phases as a reminder of that magic energy of the moon. Each piece is made with thoughtful designs and have deep, spiritual messages that are not overtly obvious.


My theme this year has been about surrounding yourself with those that support you and intentionally releasing what holds you back. This can be with the people directly in your life, not so directly in your life such as social media, and about the products in your life that you use daily. Ensuring that each of these areas are filled with people, role models and products empowering you to be your best self. Zenned Out pieces are simple but powerful, looking down on my wrist and seeing the “trust your soul” bracelet is a daily reminder that I need to support and believe in myself. I’m a firm believer that you should always surround yourself with the people and things that support you, and a daily reminder on your wrist to make that happen is a perfect step towards that goal!

Also in my order was a beautiful empowering note and a super cool magnet that now hangs out on my soap melter while I create too! I loved my entire experience with this business and feel 100% more inspired and empowered, if you have a few minutes watch the video below about the business and check out their products! This is definitely and experience and brand I would recommend to anyone!

Maker to Maker Approved ✓


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