Makers Supporting Makers

We are staring a new series here at Crystal Bar called “Makers Supporting Makers” – the idea from the series started after our move from Calgary to Los Angeles. Back in YYC we were super involved in the community and working with other small businesses was super easy. After a few month into our move we felt like something was off with our business, the core value of community was gone.

The city of Los Angeles is insanely huge, which sometimes makes it difficult to connect face to face with other small businesses. Community and Connection means everything to us and when we realized connecting in person was a challenge here we came up with the idea to connect in a different way.

The beauty of this idea is we are not limiting ourselves to a specific location, we can build a community globally now. Our first few featured artists have already started to arrive at our studio and our energy has completely changed. There is a powerful energy that comes with handmade products, you can feel an abundance of love and passion in every piece.

We are really excited to get the chance to work with new artists and expand our community even further. We want to align our beliefs with the products we are believe in too. We really hope you are excited about this new series. As we release new artists, please feel free to follow the links and share some love.




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