Full Moon Ritual: in 5 Easy Steps

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I gain my rituals from watching others and reading and perfecting my own ritual. This is a monthly ritual for me, each month I set intentions, write them down and next full moon come back to them and decide what still needs to stay and what can be released.

I have really enjoyed creating my own practice and I want to share with all of you how you can create your own full moon ritual too.


 What you need

Pen, paper, lighter, candle, a chest, jar or box (to save your intentions), small bowls (for burning your notes), water, sage and other personal objects such as crystals.

  1. Create a sacred space. Find a quiet, clutter free place to sit, place crystals and your other spiritual tools. This is your space, think with intention and bring items that enhance your intentions.
  2. Clear your energy. Burn sage and clear your energy space, if you do not have sage imagine standing under a bright white waterfall of pure light and allow all negative and lower energies to be cleared away.
  3. Light the candle, Take a few deep breaths, center yourself and take a moment to bring yourself back of your last full moons intentions. Open your jar of past intentions and review, place the ones you wish to release in your burn bowl. Keep the ones you want to bring with into this next month back.
  4. Set Intentions, use your pen and paper write your new intentions for this moon cycle. Combine with past papers, now gather all intentions, read over until you feel fully connected to your desires.
  5. Time to Burn. This is my favorite part of the moon ritual, carefully burn all of your past goals. This can be very intense and emotional, as each piece burns its a small reminded of either the goals you accomplished or release things that no longer serve you. Take as much time as you need to release, this is a time for healing. After the burn you are done. You can stay and mediate under the moonlight or pack up your space. Listen to your body and mind and do as you need.

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