Crystal of the Month (Aquamarine)

Let’s bring to mind a pool of water – clean, and clear, and endless. The world around it is reflected on the surface, a nearly perfect image…

Hey, Crystal Bar Tribe! This month we’re talking about Aquamarine.

This blue and blue-green crystal embodies the element of water and is one of the strongest stones for clearing and activating the fifth chakra, our Throat Chakra or Vishuddha. When your Throat Chakra is blocked, you may feel like communication has come to a standstill. Your ability to clearly express your ideas and beliefs may seem hazy – words coming out in jumble or conversations growing stagnant. Working with Aquamarine through meditation or carrying it with you in your daily life can help you with finding your innermost truth and opening your Throat Chakra to allow for clear thinking, enhanced self-expression, and better conversation!

Aquamarine is the blue variety of the stone Beryl. It’s name comes from the Latin aqua marinus, meaning “water of the sea” and it can be used as an all-around healing stone.

With it’s connection to water, Aquamarine can work wonders with our emotional body and the Heart Chakra. Calming and gentle, this stone may provide a more logical outlook in highly emotional situations. Stress at work, tension at home, or a need to treat yourself with more kindness – Aquamarine provides a bit of clarity, compassion, and honesty!

Finding truth within yourself is a wonderful step toward giving and receiving truth among others! This month, let’s think about that imaginary pool of water and the image we’d like to see reflected in the surface.

And more than that, let’s think about where that endless pool can lead us! Do you have the courage to dive down deep and find out?

Here are a few different ways to work with and pair up our crystal of the month!

  • Aquamarine and Carnelian:  The courage to speak the truth.
  • Aquamarine and Rose Quartz:  To see and love yourself with compassion and honesty.
  • Aquamarine and Tiger’s Eye:  Ground yourself when emotions run wild.

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