The Fish is Here – Zodiac Collection

Our newest Zodiac Bar “Flow into Self” arrives today and represents Pisces. This bar was important to me because I have so many Pisces in my life. I have seen all of their ups and down and I wanted this bar to be a tool for them to break through any barriers they have so they can shine their brightest.

The fish symbolized two fish swimming in opposite direction, this motion of being pulled in different directions is often felt by a Pisces. A Pisces has pure magic inside them, they can reach for the stars and still go further. Yet, it is so easy to feel like something is holding them back which stops them from reaching the stars.

This bar is a mix of stones that help clear blockages in the Sacral Chakra and an essential oil blend that provide clarity and rational thinking. These combined together capture the beauty of the Pisces soul; creativity, sensitive, inspired, and dreamy.

“From water springs life”

Is my motto for Pisces, the fish and the water sign bring life to everything in this world. The same can be said about Pisces, let them into your world and let their magic transform your world.

Indulged now for a limited time in out newest bar “Flow into Self” on our site now, these bars will be available until Aries comes around in March.

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