Crystal of the Month (Carnelian)

Carnelian is our stone of the month in collaboration with our newest Zodiac Bar “Flow into Self” – Carnelian is a very motivating and creative stone and was chosen to enhance the best qualities of the Pisces soul.

Carnelian is known as the “Stone of Motivation” and promotes leadership, endurance and courage. The vibration of this bright stone, will accelerate your motivation, and aid you to clarify your goals. It stimulates ambition and drive and allows you to manifest what you require to move forward in life.

Carnelian is associated with the Sacral chakra, this chakra embodies creativity and sensuality. This is an extremely powerful chakra for all occultists as it is the Gate of Astral Energy. When activated enthusiasm and opportunities appear. It also imparts in you limitless optimism. Maybe this is why Pisces are so capable of Magic.

A Piscean soul is very sensitive and it is essential for their ability to thrive that they have the tools needed to shine. A Sacral is blocked by shame and fear, and laziness and loss of willingness to move forward and create is manifested as a result. Keep carnelian on around or on you to clear blockages. Carnelian lets Pisces feel their connection to the energy of Earth when their head is in the clouds.

Let your soul shine and embrace our newest bar “Flow into Self



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