How I learned to see myself as beautiful.

I’ve talked to enough women to know that we all have things we dislike about ourselves; and honestly I think its totally fine. Having small areas in our life where we can improve is great, i.e eating healthy or drinking more water to improve skin health BUT a line can easily be crossed when those areas of improvement go above our abilities to change.

Back in 2015, I was traveling down a very materialistic road. My boss at the time told me that in order for me to get promotions at work I had to look and dress a certain way. That’s when I started to “invest into my future” by shopping more and wearing makeup, I looked good, but I was wearing a mask. Through those words I quickly learned that in order to be seen as beautiful I had to wear certain clothes and makeup.

That was until I met my boyfriend. Nothing was harder than staying the night and having to wait until the last moment to wash my face so he wouldn’t see my naked face. This went on forever until my boyfriend confessed to me that he saw me as beautiful even without the makeup on.

This blew up my world.

For the first time, someone saw me as beautiful without all the stuff on my face. I started to care less and less about wearing makeup around him and that eventually trickled into my work, until I decided to quit my job.

Over the next few months, Crystal Bar was born, and natural beauty became a big part of my life. I will not lie and say it happened right away, the truth is that this process of accepting my natural beauty took more than 2 years.

I am still on this path, I have recently started watching my portion sizes when I eat and have started working out regularly. These are my newest goals so I can improve my quality of life for myself. I know everyone is trying to say you are “perfect the way you are” while simultaneously telling you to you to improve, and its a bit confusing. Honestly, I believe everyone should be living their best life while constantly striving for more. Everyone can do better, growth doesn’t have an end point.  I always want to encourage those around me to strive to be their best selves. So set goals, work hard, but also love who you are right now because you have already come so far.


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