How to cleanse your Crystals with sage.

A big reason for me to start this blog is to pass along information I have gather over my years of growing and creating Crystal Bar Soap. There are quite a lot of questions that rise about crystals and how to use them, practicing self-care, and living a fulling lifestyle (by your own standards). This space here is for us to explore these topics; I really want to go over my favorite practice which is saging crystals.

Beginners Notes: Now I know those new to this world are asking “How the F* can a crystal absorb energy?” I know it sounds ridiculous when you first hear it which is why I want to take a quite moment to explain further. Crystals have their own language and communicate in either two ways; receiving energy or absorbing it. I like to picture it like a sponge it can soak up water or drain it and our role is to listen to the stones and feel what they need; either to be drain or ready to soak up. 

So when you first receive your crystals or have been using them for some time, they have most likely absorbed a range of different energies that they’ve been exposed to by yourself and others who may have handled them. Therefore, it’s important to ‘cleanse’ your crystals as soon as you obtain them, and on a regular basis.

Natural forces, such as the elements of nature (fire, water, earth, and air), the sun, the moon, and plants, are very effective in cleansing stones of negative energies. Stones respond to the intentions of their users, so it is important that while you are actively cleansing your stone, no matter which method you use, you should keep in mind the intention of carrying away unwanted energies.

Why use sage? It is believed that the scent of the Sage (while burning) is intolerable to lower energies (lower vibrations, negative energies, etc.) and at the same time aids to restore and balance and to raise and attract higher energies. When smudging – carefully pass the stone through the smoke of the sage several times until you intuitively feel it has been cleared.


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