New Moon in Cancer – Let your heart guide you

Did you have a bit of a mood swing today? You might have blamed lack of sleep or that you were hungry but it was most likely the energy from our the moody Cancer coming into play as we get ready for the new moon tonight. 

If you are familiar with the phases of the moon than you know the new moon brings darkness to our sky. I have always felt more connected to the new moon, the new moon brings up what we have been neglecting. I often forget to track the moon phases but when I have an off day I know something is up. 

Even this morning, I have been putting off some paper work for weeks now but I woke up this morning with the dive to do it (thanks new moon). I love this time to reflect and get caught up on things that we know are holding us down. The new moon is essential so you can enter the full moon with no baggage, I highly suggest always using the new moon to listen and focus on what you need to do. It is a very good time to release. 

“I don’t want to be at the mercy of my emotions. I want to use them, to enjoy them, and to dominate them.” 
― Oscar WildeThe Picture of Dorian Gray

With tonights moon being in Cancer we will most likely feel the effects of this moon more than usually since the sun is also in Cancer. We will most likely be feeling a bit more sensitivity than usual, but the duo Cancer energy can also be very productive.  Use this time to connect with old friends, handle task that you have been putting off and show gratitude to those around you. Cancer has us thinking with our hearts, so any love and effort shown will be well received. 

This is also a good time to indulge in your own self care rituals, show yourself some love too! The moon cycles are great time to write, with each moon phases its great to reflect back on your emotions and your goals for each season. If you haven’t started a moon journey tonight might be a great time to start. (Let me know in the comments if you would love a post on journeying during each cycle). The new moon is your monthly opportunity for quiet self-care and there’s nothing quite as restorative as reminding yourself of your accomplishments.

We have loved Cancer season, and with our emotions running high I think after this new moon we are all going to be happy to welcome Leo. As you know we have a Zodiac Collection, if you want to connect further with your Cancer energy or go straight into Leo now is the perfect time to get a bar. Moonlit Harbor is here till the 22nd, and Kingdom Within just arrived yesterday! Both are great to add to your life. I hope you enjoyed and I wish you a wonderful New Moon! 


This month Crystal Bar Soap had the pure pleasure of being included in “Spirit Trading Co” June Subscription box! If you know me you know how much I love getting things in the mail, every time we get a crystal delivery for soaps I always run to the door screaming “PRESENTS”. It’s probably cause my money goes straight into Crystal Bar Soap so I rarely spurge on myself.

Subscriptions boxes are my only real gift to myself and I LOVE them! I am always amazed at the curation of treats inside every box! It must take a lot of work to discover new products every month but I am so happy someone takes the time to do this work. My favorite brands have been discovered through subscription boxes and each month it feels like I get exactly what I need.

This month was no different, Spirit Trading Co featured some amazing products and I wanted to take a moment to review and share all the goodness found inside this months box!

One of my favorite things in this box was the little buddha from Bali, when I moved I left my little buddha behind with my mom and it was such a special moment to see that in the box and add him into my new home here in LA.

Speaking of home treats, my home smells AMAZING now with the grapefruit crystal infused candle, grapefruit is one of my favorite scents (I love anything citrus) so I was very happy yo get a new candle!

We also got a sage mist which smells amazing, and the most amazing Cherry lip balm. I packed the lip balm in my bag while traveling this week and I have used it EVERY DAY! I don’t know why but I haven’t purchased lip balm in a very long time so this will definitely be a new favorite in my routine.

A big reason I picked up this box was because of our Crystal Bar Soaps inside, each box features 1 of 7 chakra soaps. I got our Soothing Crown chakra soap, I made this bar back in the day for my mom that begged for months for a coconut bar! I am so happy I got around to making it because even though this bar is simple it is AMAZING! Such a wonderful, tropical treat for your skin.

The box also included a ton of other goodies, lots of information and a cool reusable bag which I really enjoyed. I don’t see lots of reusable bags in Subscription Boxes but I think that was such a nice treat since you can never have too many!

To summarize, I think this box is really amazing. I feel like this box is prices really well for how much you get. I felt like the box was never ending as I pulled everything out, do yourself and treat yourself to something good for your soul!

Also I was reading through their IG ( @spirittradingcompany ) and found an active discount code, Enter FREESPIRIT10 and get 10% off your first month! Lift Your Spirit today!!

Follow this link to discover Spirit Trading Co


EDITION 11 | 3:38 read time
For weeks now we have been focusing on making Mondays better for ourselves, but this week I want us to spread that happiness to others. Over the last 10 weeks we have gained skills to help overcome negativity surrounding Mondays, and now I want us to start to spread that energy on to others.

The best thing is helping others makes us feel really good, so making this our mission to do good in the world will make them feel good and in return make us feel great too and the cycle goes on.


I am hoping most of you have seen the movie ‘Pay It Forward”, and if you haven’t you need to make it your mission this week to watch it. Seriously, my emails are nothing compared to how life changing that movie is.

In the movie an amazing idea is displayed, do 3 random acts of kindness to 3 strangers, than ask them to “pay it forward” and do the same thing. From there kindness spreads through the whole world, this sounds exactly like the kind of energy the world needs right now.





Obviously this email didn’t go out on Monday, if you have been following along on our IG Stories you will know that we went away this weekend for a friends wedding. Unfortunately on the plane, a water bottle decided to kill my laptop…

There were quite a few things that went wrong with this trip; wallets lost, delayed flights, damaged computers, etc… BUT we have to move forward. Life is too short to get caught up in things we can’t control. Even though this email is a day late, I still really wanted to send it out! For me, good is better than nothing, and I got to share our story with you.

Monday Mantra

I am focused on what I can do today, to create a better tomorrow


The High Priestess was a beautiful edition to our collection, but there is no question that this bar should be surrounded by the energy of the rest of the tarot cards in the Major Arcana. With 21 cards to choose from finding the best soap to launch next seemed like a challenge but deep down in my heart knew that we needed to add the The Empress to compliment the energy of the High Priestess.

The energy of the High Priestess and The Empress is very different, yet the same. These both represent powerful and essential women. The High Priestess is this bad-ass, no f’s given Queen. She represents higher self-wisdom, inner clarity, strength, and self-trust. She understands that, on the superconscious level, she has access to all the insight she needs to govern any situation. The Empress is Mother f-ing Earth, also a Queen but also the most nurturing and caring soul. The Empress is strong and fierce but also soft and playful. She represents the aspect of the Divine feminine that is the mother, the creative impulse, the warm, forgiving, eternally loving archetype.

I love our creation of The Empress; the were so many design decisions made to reflect the elements found in this card. I wanted to take a moment and break those elements down and share their meaning.

Crown of Twelve Stars: The crown of twelve stars represents the twelve signs of the zodiac and her mastery over anyone of any sign, a power of seduction.
Waterfall: Waterfalls are continual, rushing waters symbolizing perpetual refreshment and life-sustaining nourishment. This symbol expresses the ability of the Empress to open up her intuitive resources and allow abundance to flow through her freely.
Wheat: Wheat is a universal sign for nourishment. With it comes the association of harvest. The wheat is also a symbol of a process – a time to sow, a time to grow and a time to pick the fruits of our labor. The Empress is keenly aware of time and the part it plays in manifesting our desires.
These symbols are so essential to The Empress, you can find these elements throughout this entire bar.

Crown of Twelve Stars: Has been created as a trail of biodegradable glitter that we pour on the top of the bar. It is the last step before the stone is placed inside.
Waterfall: The blue in this bar represents water, we wanted to create a very mother earth theme but with the added energy of the divine feminine. We created waterfalls by swirling the soap to flow down into the bar.
Wheat: We didn’t add wheat but we created the green section with the powerful superfood spirulina. This superfood is all about nourishing your body and works perfect to nurture you in the same way as The Empress.
If you have tried our High Priestess soap than this has to be the next bar you add to your collection. We worked so hard on recreating this Tarot card into a Crystal Bar Soap. I really hope you love it and we cannot wait to continue to add to this collection.

In the comments let me know how familiar you are with Tarot, it will really help me figure out the best way to share, educate and speak with you moving forward.


Red Jasper is like that kid in school that everyone knows but no one really talks about. It is such an iconic stone directly link with the 1st/ Root / Muladhara Chakra yet finding good articles to really dive and discover this crystals grounding properties are rare. I myself, rarely speak about this stone but when I added into my life I always find my life becomes more prosperous, and not because of the stone attracts wealth but because my thoughts and energy become so grounded and focus that I am given a space to thrive.

With this stone being so iconic and essential I really wanted to write a piece that elevated the beauty of this stone. I had the pleasure of exploring this stones power when working with the Root Chakra in last weeks blog. So I wanted to use this time to write about how this stone works with the Zodiac signs, especially since this stone is the star in our Cancer bar, Moonlit Harbor. Jasper is associated with the astrological signs of Leo, Virgo, and Scorpio, the planet Mars, and the element of fire. But also is an amazing stone for Cancer, Aries and Taurus signs too. I am going to walk us through each sign and how it benefits everyone differently.

Cancer: Cancers can be nurturing, but when in need themselves, they tend to close off. Red jasper is very beneficial for building your stamina, helping you overcome adversity to be a stable support system for your loved ones. Red jasper can help you to come out of your shell and remind you to take time for yourself.

Virgo: One of your negative characteristics as a Virgo is that you tend to be less inclined to open your heart to others. Connecting to a supreme nurturer like red jasper grounds you and keeps you centered.

Scorpio: Red Jasper works for Scorpios by absorbing negative energy and bringing the Scorpio person a good measure of joyfulness, as well as relieve anxiety, and bring youthful happiness to the often solemn and serious-minded Scorpio people.

Leo: Leo is a strong-hearted leader with energies of being the king or Commander. Their energies align with the generative organs and the heart. They are dominant, quick to love, big hearted and protective. Balance your Leos energies by keeping Red Jasper near by.

Aries: The balance searched by the sign of Aries lies in accepting feminine principles within, feel gratitude, slow down, and understand the consequence of each action made. The best crystal to balance the sign of Aries is the pure and simple Red Jasper.

Taurus: One of the best stones for Taurus is Red Jasper, which aids in your ability to be a strong leader. Taurus sun signs are often soft spoken, but Red Jasper gives you the confidence to find the courage and personal power within yourself to lead and achieve your dreams.
Red Jasper is an amazing stone, it almost seems to hug you with its comforting essence. Jasper’s energy is the support you can learn on when stress is tearing you down. As a supreme nurturer, it soothes the mind of anxiety so that it can focus on other things. Red Jasper’s encouragement helps you to take on new pursuits, deal with conflicts and approach problems with creative solutions. This stone really called to me for our Cancer soap, Moonlit Harbor.The protection trait that Red Jasper brings really offer that grounding energy and as we enter summer with the Summer Solstice I felt this was the perfect stone for us to bring into the summer season. It also worked amazing to give us that famous “crab” vibe as it sat along the shore.

Soak up the grounding energy of Red Jasper as we welcome Summer this week; keep it by your side and manifest your summer goals into this stone. Let them sink in while you use this bar in your showers and carry that energy with you all summer long. Just consider this crystal your perfect summer BFF.



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EDITION 09 | 2:57 read time

photos by @hemicey

Do Monday’s Make You Smile Yet?

HAPPY MONDAY, I really mean it happy Monday. Our goal with doing these emails was to change the stigma most people have around Mondays. Each week I pick a little theme for us to explore to start our week off in a fun, up-beat and some times thoughtful way!

Today’s theme: HAPPINESS


I like to write these emails late Sunday nights, I want to make sure they are written as close to Monday as possible to make sure I am challenging the right energy to share with you. 

Todays theme spark after binging youtube and “Funniest Moments on Family Feud” episodes, I don’t own a tv or have cable so I don’t usually watch stuff like this but it appeared somewhere in my feed and caught my attention. Every video was so funny, my tummy hurt and tears ran down my face. It was a moment of pure joy and happiness and made me feel SO GOOD!!! 

It made me think about how just a moment of laughter can uplift your energy for the whole day. So I wanted to find a way to bring you happiness into todays email.

Monday Mantra

“I give myself permission to laugh”

You create your own happiness.

I saw the above image a few weeks ago, I saved it to share with people who felt unsatisfied with the work they do. I thought about how many times this security guard has worked her, how many times he walked across the park, bored and unmotivated until he came up with this idea. 

Proof of how a simple idea can change your entire perspective.

My challenge this week for those that want to try it is to find a way to make what you do everyday mean something to someone else. Our jobs became something so much more special when it leaves a positive impact. If you need help you can always reach out to me! xo 

Monday Good Vibe Quote

“I love people who make me laugh. I honestly think it’s the thing I like most, to laugh. It cures a multitude of ills. It’s probably the most important thing in a person.” 

― Audrey Hepburn


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Our “Moonlit Harbor” Cancer Zodiac bar has been out for a week now, As much of you already know we have been creating a new Zodiac Bar every month. This project started at the beginning of the year as a New Years Resolution; I have never kept a goal going this long but have the pressure to continue to make each of the signs has been truly motivating.

I thought when circle back through the different elements it was going to be easier, but the truth is each Zodiac Sign is so deeply complex that it really does take a month to proper manifest each design.

Cancer has been the hardest so far, everything from the design to the name was a bit of a challenge. I won’t put something out unless I am 100 percentage happy with every aspect; and this bar had to go through a ton of variations to get it right.

Going into this design I had a few key elements I was pretty sold on, I loved the idea of harbor. From all of my research about this water element being a protective family oriented sign I felt the description of a Harbor perfectly captured the core of a Cancerian.

I also really wanted to use Red Jasper; going back the protection trait I felt adding Red Jasper to this bar would really offer that grounding energy and as we enter summer with the Summer Solstice I felt this was the perfect stone for us to bring into the summer season. It also worked amazing to give us that famous “crab” vibe as it sat along the shore.

I felt with summer I wanted bright and fun colours, I was playing around with bright blues, purples, pinks, but every bar felt off….. something wasn’t right. I think I was trying to make this bar work for everyone instead of focusing on the Cancer elements. This is when I went to social media and started talking with a few followers on this design.

Along the way, a friend Alice reminded me that Cancer was ruled by the moon and capturing that moon energy in the bar could be a good idea. AND IT TOTALLY WAS! Right when she mentioned the moon everything seemed to fall into place. She even came up with the name of the bar in that very second “Moonlit Harbour”. There we go, the name was set, the vibes were back on track, the only thing left was to match the design to everything we just created.

We still loved the beach idea so our inspiration was a warm, summer night, with the Full Moon reflecting on the sea. We made the ocean a silver shimmer (moon light reflecting) and the beach a washed out white. The sand colour seems to disappear when the moon shines bright on it. Than just a little bit of walnut shells; these were a perfect fit to enhance the beach vibes and also to compliment the outer shell of a Crab. These simple changes were all that we needed to create the perfect bar.

I am so happy with the way this bar came out and the journey it took to be created into this collection. We get asked all of the time how we design our bars and honestly, it is different every time. I am so grateful for this blog and the opportunity to share the story of how this bar was made. If you want to experience “Moonlit Harbor” for yourself make sure to stop by the shop or click here. Thanks for all the love and support! xo

***Additonal Notes: I was adding in the quote chosen for this bar “FORGED FROM THE CHAOTIC WAVES OF EMOTION”, and it just kinda hit me how perfect that also represented the creation of this bar.

Crown Chakra

The 7th and final chakra, the Crown or Sahaswara, which translates to “thousand petaled.” The Crown chakra is associated with the higher cosmic consciousness, when we connect with this chakra we are able to connect with our spiritual side. This connection gives us a sense of peace and purpose in what we do.

This energy can be difficult to describe, but it’s a very magnetic feeling. Have you ever held too magnetics together, their energy creates tension, even thou you can’t see it you can feel it. This is the energy with the Crown Chakra, its what we vibrate out to the world and we wanna make sure it is positive and light. When working with the Crown Chakra it is important that if we feel it is blocked that we make conscious shifts and practice living with intention.

Location: Crown of the head – It radiates down to between your eyes and then extends infinitely upward and outward, connecting you to the energy of the rest of the universe.

Color: Violet or white.

When in balance: A balanced chakra is a goal for any spiritual worker, people can spend their whole life working achieve complete connection with this chakra. Once you achieve it, you’re not really human anymore – you are able to surrender to life and connect to something higher than ourselves. Although, when working on the Crown chakra it brings us happiness, so it’s always a great chakra to consider. When working with the Crown it helps us align the other 7 chakras.

When out of balance: We may be spiritually disconnected or overactive, spending too much time looking upward and not enough time grounding in the real world. When blocked we lack empathy and find it difficult to connect with others. It is common to feel trapped and helpless, with no sense of direction or purpose.

Clear Quartz: Clear Quartz cleanses your energy body and amplifies all other crystal and healing work you do. Because of its ability to focus and concentrate your thoughts and energies, you can achieve your goals faster with this crystal in your arsenal.

Selenite: Well known for clearing toxic energies from the body, Selenite also resonates strongly with the Crown Chakra. By clearing away negative energy it allows higher vibrations to permeate through your chakras and aura.

White Calcite: White Calcite is a soft (energetically and on the hardness) crystal which can clear your mind of noise and clutter. The effects become more apparent the longer you use it. Consequently it is one of the best crystals listed in this article to use for meditation or focusing on a particular task.



The 6th chakra is the Third Eye or Ajna which translates to “beyond wisdom.” This chakra opens up your mind to information beyond the material world and the 5 senses. The third eye is the bridge between our inner and outer worlds – here we begin to “see” more clearly. This chakra is about tapping into our intuition and trusting that we “know” the way.

This chakra is related to the “supreme element”, which is the combination of all the elements in their pure form. Energizing your third eye will take some practice. You’ll need to devote some time to quiet, solitary meditation. At first, get used to the feeling of focusing on signals outside of your physical body. Listen to your spirit and recognize how that feels. As you practice this, you’ll find it easier and easier to connect with the energy from your Third Eye.

Location: The third eye’s center is in between your eyebrows. It radiates down to your mouth and up to the top of your head.

Color: Violet

When in balance: We are perceptive, open-minded, and in tune physically and energetically. We understand that we are all connected and view the world in a mostly positive light. We trust our instincts and follow our intuition without overanalyzing. We regularly drop into meditative states, have strong mental recall, and experience vivid dreams and visions.

When out of balance: We tend to be cynical and close-minded. We have trouble getting past our ego and see ourselves as separate from others. We exist mostly in our logical minds and find it difficult to practice being still. There is a tendency to be judgmental and negative toward ourselves and others, even disconnected. We have a hard time remembering things and may experience headaches regularly.

Amethyst: This crystal is probably the best known for aiding the Third Eye Chakra. It not only opens and purifies this chakra, but protects against the influence of negative energies and enhances spiritual awareness.

Iolite: Iolite is fantastic for opening up your third eye. Not only does it strengthen the connection to your intuition and inner knowing, but it is a powerful tool for astral travel, shamanic visions, guided meditations, essentially any form of visualization.

Tanzanite: A gentle crystal with strong potential Tanzanite gives users the hope that magic is possible. This usually subconscious effect can produce stronger visualizations and spiritual connections.



The Throat Chakra or Vishuddha is the 5th chakra and translates to “very pure.” This chakra gives a voice to your personal truths and is the center of communication, both verbal and nonverbal. This chakra allows us to find our voice, governs our ability to express ourselves creatively and speak with integrity and truth. This chakra is also considered the chakra of communication and its corresponding verb is “to speak”. It is the seat of our creative expression and of communication.

Its energy comes from the sound element, this sound element is propagated into the air and its vibration can be felt not just in our ears, but also in our whole body. It is an important instrument of communication and expression. This chakra is also considered the chakra of communication and its corresponding verb is “to speak”. It is the seat of our creative expression and of communication.

Location: The throat chakra’s center is right in between your collar bone, and it radiates down to the center of your heart and up to the center of your eyes.

Color: Blue

When in balance: We are vibrating at a high frequency and understand that our words are powerful. We have created a meaningful life around our highest intentions and are able to express ourselves without hesitation and with kindness. We take time and space to listen to others and it’s important to us that they feel heard. Our words are rooted in truth and flow naturally, making most interactions pleasant.

When out of balance: We have trouble finding our voice and therefore find it difficult to communicate openly and effectively. Often we feel anxiety, guilt, shame, or fear around speaking our truth. When out of balance we tend to talk too much, project fears onto others and have trouble listening. We are not confident in our ability to create and manifest our dreams in the physical world.

Blue Lace Agate: Quite possibly the best known crystal for the Throat Chakra, Blue Lace Agate improves communication on all levels (physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual). Its gentle energy balances the Throat Chakra so you communicate to your best ability when you need it.

Celestite: Celestite is a wonderful stone for spiritual communication. Its connection to the upper chakras allows you to give, receive, and understand complex spiritual information more easily.

Sodalite:It allows you to trust your instincts which helps to open the doors to universal truths and gives you the strength and energy you need to teleport to a higher consciousness.